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Nexium Dosage 80 Mg

Related post: Chemotropism is What Is The Generic For Nexium the response of protoplasm to chemical stimula- tion. Any substances that When Will Nexium Become Generic possess the property of producing a deleterious effect upon protoplasm are termed poisons. Poisons may effect an immediate destructive combination with living sub- stance when they are called caustics, or they may have an exciting or depressing effect which may eventually prove destructive without visible structural change, when they are termed toxins. Caustics may liquefy the protoplasm, as the alkalies, or coagulate it, as the acids or salts of metals. When well diluted, chemicals may occasion no destructive effects, but may call forth positive or negative responses, known as positive or What Is The Generic Name For Nexium negative Generic Form Of Nexium chemotropism. Thus, Pfeffer, working with the motile sperms of ferns, found that if a capillary tube, containing a solution of malic acid be introduced into water containing them, the sperms moved toward it and entered. It is now generally believed that the motile male Generic Nexium 40 Mg sexual cells of all flowerless plants are attracted to the appropriate female sexual cells by means of positive chemotropic influences. Among flowering plants, it has been observed that pollen grains brought by various 64 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY agencies from anthers to stigmas of certain plants of different species will not germinate but when they are carried from one plant to an- other of the same species or variety they readily send their pollen tubes through stigma and style to the ovule below. In the former instance, negative chemotropism is illustrated, while, in the latter, positive chemotropism is shown. 4 Sitotropism is the reaction of living matter to the influence Generic Equivalent Of Nexium of food. Hertwig found that if a fine capillary tube Generic Brand For Nexium be filled with a i per cent, Generic Version Of Nexium solution of asparagin or beef extract and Generic Name For Nexium held in contact with a drop of water containing certain bacteria, a mass of these soon plugged the mouth of the tube. His experiment shows that these organisms moved from a poorer to Is There A Generic Nexium a richer nutrient medium in response to a positive sitotropic influence. Oxytropism is the response to the stimulating influence of oxygen. We see evidence of this everywhere in nature. No living thing can continue to exist without this ele- ment. A mistaken idea is often prevalent regardingobligate ana- erobic bacteria. Like all other bacteria or organisms, these plants require oxygen but can only assimilate it in its combined form. The tetanus bacillus is a good example. Aerobic bacteria, on the other hand, require Nexium Dosage 80 Mg free (uncombined) oxygen for assimilative pur- poses. Thus the tetanus organism grows in the depth of culture media, whereas the tubercle bacterium (an aerobe) grows only on the surface. Hydrotropism is the response of protoplasm to the stimulus of water. This reaction is seen in both positive and negative phases in the slime molds. The vegetative stage of these lowly plants is characterized by a naked many nucleated mass of protoplasm, con- fining itself to the moist 80 Mg Nexium crevices of rotten logs etc. until the surface of the substratum becomes wet when and only when it will emerge. As soon, however, as its fruiting stage begins, the whole protoplas- mic mass wells up from the substratum, away from moisture. The roots of young seedling When Does Nexium Go Generic plants show positive hydrotropism by growing toward moisture in the soil. Order Nexium Samples Heliotropism is the Buy Generic Nexium response of living substance to the stimulus of light. The stems of higher plants tend to grow toward the light and are, therefore, positively heliotropic, whereas the roots grow away from the source of light Generic For Nexium 40 Mg and so are negatively heliotropic. VEGETABLE CYTOLOGY Geotropism is the response of protoplasm to the stimulus of gravity. Is There A Generic For Nexium Roots of Pteridophytes and seed plants invariably grow downward toward the center of gravity and so are positively geotropic. The FIG. 30. Venus fly-traps, Dioncea muscipula, growing in field near Wilmington, N. C. (Photograph by Charles Palmer.') fruiting organs of the fungi and the main stems of higher plants tend to grow perpendicular to the earth's surface and so are nega- tively geotropic. Branches of stems that assume a relation parallel 66 PHARMACEUTICAL BOTANY to the earth's surface are diageotropic. The Lima Bean, Sarsa- parilla, Poison Ivy, and other plants whose stems Nexium 40 Mg Generic twine about sup- ports exhibit lateral geotropism in their horizontal curvatures. Galvanotropism is the reaction of protoplasm to electrical stimuli. In this connection it may be said that the degree of response bears a definite relation to Does Nexium Have A Generic the intensity of the stimulus. No visible external electrotropic reactions have been observed in higher plants, PIG. 31. Mimosa Spegazzini. Note the expanded condition of the leaves before stimulation. (After Steckbeck.) although when their cells are examined microscopically, the reac- tion becomes manifest. Kuhne has shown that when an. electric current is passed through the hairs of the Spiderwort, the cytoplasm becomes gathered into small globular masses. Thigmotropism is the response of living matter to mechanical stimulation. Examples of this form of irritability appear to be far less common among plants than among animals. Certain species VEGETABLE CYTOLOGY What Is Generic For Nexium
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